Mantra to Remove Enemy From Your Life

No one desires to have enemy in their lives and if they have one, they always try to get rid of them. As an enemy can cause heavy destruction to you, so you must be very careful in handling them. If you don’t know who your enemy is because they always try to disguise themselves as friends and attacks from beneath the skin. So it becomes very important to know who your enemy is and in finding out this Black Magic can play a major role. Through Black Magic you can find the exact person behind holding the knife to attack you. And once you find out you can just remove them by the help of Black MagicMantra to Remove Enemy From Your Life” forever.

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How this removal mantra works?

In every Black Magic mantra it is very important that all the spells and the complete ritual must be performed without any mistake. So, its is instructed that you take help of someone who is a practitioner of Black Magic preferably a black magic specialist as he can guide you throughout the ritual and you will not make any mistake, as one simple mistake in the ritual can cause you life. Because all the Black Magic Spells are controlled and handled by the supernatural powers and you can never challenge their strength. So, they are being offered prefers so that they get satisfied and give you what you wanted. This “Mantra to Remove Enemy From Your Life” is also one such mantra to get your work done.

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Way to perform the Black Magic Mantra

For this Mantra you will first need to cleanse your soul by taking dip into water and later at around 3.00 a.m. you will need to start the ritual. As all the supernatural powers are said to be the strongest at this time of hour, so it is the most auspicious moment to do so. You will need to have any used item of your enemy and a white plain paper where you will need to write your enemy’s name and place it between 13 lighted red candles. Then place a mirror in front of it and place the used item in between the paper so that it reflects in the mirror. But make sure that your image is not being seen in the mirror. Then chant the “Mantra to Remove Enemy From Your Life” for 13 times and finally after a cycle of 11 days repeating the ritual, you will need to break the mirror into pieces. Then these pieces wrapped in a white cloth and dip it in a river.

This will make the mantra complete its task by taking away your enemy from your life.


You can see the effects of “Mantra to Remove Enemy From Your Life” after completing the ritual. They will stop bothering you and will loose track of you and finally one day they will vanish from your life. They can’t attack you even if they want to as you will be protected by this  Black Magic Mantra.

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