Mantra for Enemy Destruction

In our life we fight through many problems, some simple and some severe ones. Some might be the result of your actions and some might be the ill intentions of your Enemy. If you want to find out who the person is behind all your troubles, then you can do this through the “Mantra for Enemy Destruction”. It can give you the exact desired output of Revenge that you wanted. For this you must follow some steps so that your ritual goes right. Because if any wrong happens then you will have reverse effect from the Mantra as it is one of the Dangerous Mantra to Destroy Someone. So before performing it you must make yourself capable of doing this Mantra without any mistake.

           Maran Mantra to Destroy Enemy

Mantra for Destruction

Destroy Your Enemy by performing the ritual of “Mantra for Enemy Destruction”. For this you will need to satisfy the Evil Goddess “Yakshini”. She is known as the ultimate power of destruction, as she can control anyone’s mind, and make them do what she wants. If you can make her happy by performing the exact ritual, then she can give you the way to Destroy Your Enemy. For this you will need to perform the  Black MagicRudrayamal tantra’ to get this “Mantra for Enemy Destruction”. In doing this mantra, you need to follow some rules. These rules are

You need to find a secret place where no any can see you doing this ritual, then you will need to chant the “Mantra for Enemy Destruction” for 1000 times and utter the name of your enemy each time you say this mantra. The mantra is

“ Om Visvaaya Naam Yakshini Gandharvalochni Naami Lousatikarnai Tasmai Vishwaya Swaha”.

It must be continued for one week.

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Is this Mantra Effective?

This Rudrayamal “Mantra for Enemy Destruction” is one of the most powerful Black Magic  Mantra that can fulfill your demand of Destroy Your Enemy. If you are fed up with your enemy’s actions and really want to teach them a lesson, then you can use this mantra to satisfy ‘Yakshini’ who will lead you to your success path of destroying your enemy. This “Mantra for Enemy Destruction” has been practiced by Black Magic tantrics from thousands of years to completely crush their competition and enemies. This mantra has been showing its results by making the enemies suffer to an extent where they plead for death as they cannot survive the punishments. Once you use this mantra you will be able to make your enemy do whatever you want.

Yakshini’ will make them repay for their actions and she will make them loose control over their thinking and reasoning capabilities. Some might even forget their family members and act as if they are strangers to them. They might even become aggressive and will try to attack themselves. They may also become deepresed and will only think of ending their lives. It all depends on the extent you want to take it to. Once this Black MagicMantra for Enemy Destruction” is caste you will start seeing its effects soon after the 3rd day.

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