How to Destroy Enemies with Slokas

In your life, you meet many people. You are surrounded by many people some known and some unknown. They might be genuine friends with you or some may take the wolf skin and try to act as your friends. They are the people who actually cant see you happy and successful in your life. They will always try to  Harm you and will cause many troubles in your path of success. They will always be ready to harm you in any way they can. But what if the extent of harming you exceeds limit and you are so troubled that you can’t find a way out of it. In this  situation, only Black Magic can help you out. These are the enemies who are the most dangerous person for your life. They are the actual threat and you will need to overcome this threat. For this you will need to know the way of “ How to Destroy Enemies with Slokas”.

           Simple Mantra to Destroy Enemies

Slokas to Rescue You

Slokas are the strongest spells that are casted upon someone to get what you want. Through these slokas you can make the person do and the way you want them to. Some slokas can even be used to Destroy Your Enemies but this must be done if you are fed of trying to confront that person about his actions towards you and he has exceeded his ill motives for you. There is always a way of “ How to Destroy Enemies with Slokas ” because if any mistake is done in using these slokas, then it might affect you rather than fulfilling your wishes. For this reason you must consult a Black Magic Specialist who can guide you throughout the ritual.

          Vedic Mantra to Destroy Enemies

Ways to Execute Slokas

There are few ways through which you can exactly answer the doubt of “How to Destroy Enemies with Slokas”. The way can be described as below

Chinnamasta sloka : This Mantra can Destroy Your Enemy in a quick span of time and it is also used as a mantra to get the desired work done. For this slokas you will first need to lit a ghee lamp and place it in front of the picture of ‘Mahavidya Chinnamasta’ and place it facing the north direction. Then you will need to chant the sloka “ Shreeng Hreeng Kleeng Aing Vijra Vairochinayee Hum Hum Phat Swaha ” for 10 minutes. This sloka will give you everything that you desire for and you will be able to control your enemy and make him do whatever you want.

Some slokas can remove the roots of your Enemies by punishing them to the level from where it becomes difficult for him to do any harm to you. He will loose all his track of attacking you and you will be able to Destroy him to the level of Death.

The answer to “How to destroy enemies with slokas” is a very simple way to execute your plan to Punish them and it is very much effective  in just few days.

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