How to Cure Black Magic Permanently

Is Black Magic works in real? Yes, and may be no. But if it really works and if you are a victim of such spells than some of the few things you will need to know. At first you need to keep in mind and believe that all these are energies whether be it a positive or a negative one.

You will need to understand that energy is just energy; it is neither good nor is it evil. Black Magic is evil because it happens without your permission and once entered, these negative energies will disrupt your mind and body completely. It’s a very slow process. People performs this generally when anybody is jealous of you or your success. “How to Cure Black Magic Permanently?” is the main question.

Signs That You Are into the Grip of Black Art

Black Art is a form which will destroy the thinking capacity of a person during the affected time. Before knowing “How to Cure Black Magic Permanently?” you will need to know about the signs. Some signs which can be doubting that you are into the grip of magic

  • You like to be lonely and generally spend time with yourself.
  • You speak to yourself and utter some words which you have never used or heard.
  • Your nails might turn black.
  • You will suffer from severe body pain.
  • Some uncomfortable smell might get to you always.
  • You will avoid getting connected to God and prayers and many more.
  • You will become a complete negative person in all aspects.

Is it Curable?

One thing is very true, if you have positive vibes around you no dark forces can attract you. It’s one kind of spiritual Sadhana which will grow your positive energies and will form an Kawaj around your soul which won’t be easily affected by evil sources.

Another way can be by wearing protections like a Rudraksh. Lord Shiva is considered to be the destroyer and rudraksh is Lord Shiva’s gem and thus it will protect you from such magic. But you need not worry about such things.

Chanting on God’s mantras always help to throw fear away from our life. One such powerful mantras are “Hanuman Chalisa mantra” and “Gayatri Mantra“. It is so powerful that it can drive any evil energies away.

Some other such ways to answer the question “How to Cure Black Magic Permanently?” is cited below :

Wearing an amulet : By wearing a powerful amulet like Rudraksha or such like chanted by some magic practitioners will help to cut away the black art upon you and no one can easily affect you at any time.

Taking a ritual birth : A ritual bath will include taking dip in water mixed with salt, basil leaves, and lighted candles around you. This will purify the impure affected soul.

Lighting uncrossing incense : By burning these you can break the hex upon you.

But make sure while following all these steps, the important points that are to be followed should not be missed by you. Or else there will be no effects. Thus if you follow the above mentioned then, “How to Cure Black Magic Permanently?” will just remain as a simple question.

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