Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy

Whenever there is threat in your life, you must try to overcome this with all your efforts that you can apply. In your duration of life, you might face some problems from which it becomes hard to overcome. You will fail in every step you take in keeping yourself away from these problems. These problems may be the result of your enemies. Some people who cannot see your success and well being, they will try to harm you. You must keep your enemies away from your life to avoid such problems and turbulence in your life. In doing so you  might not succeed. So, there is the effective and proven mantra known as the “Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy” which can be used in the process.

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Effects of the Kali mantra

The goddess ‘Kali’ is one of the fierce full form of God who is known for the destruction of evil people. And in your life the evil people is your enemies. She wears garland of skulls carrying deadly weapons to create terror in the life of the demons and the evil people. She is known as the ultimate destroyer of any evil body. This “Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy” will help you to keep yourself protected from the ill minded people and by bestowing wishes of success in life. This powerful mantra is invincible and no power or Black Magic can invade its divine mission. The mantra can disturb your enemies in no time.

                   Mantra to Defeat Enemy

Right way to perform the ritual

Every mantra has its way of performing the whole ritual. To perform the “Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy”, you will need to be very careful in executing the whole ritual.

For this ritual you will need to follow some steps. First you will need a red mat and sit on it facing south direction. Then arrange a Goddess Kali picture and place it in front of you. Light a lamp of oil and place it facing the picture. Then offer vermilion (red Sindoor powder) and flowers to the picture. Then take a black Hakik Rosary and chant the “Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy” for 11 times, each time taking the rosary in hand.

Mantra to be chanted for destroying all your enemies is:

“Om Kreem Kreem Kalike Kleem Kleem Kleem Sarv Shatrunaam Praharya Bhanjaya Maraya Visfotya Kleem Kleem Kleem Kreem Kreem Kreem Phat”

                       Mantra to Destroy Enemies

Finally see your enemies destruction

While chanting the “Most Powerful Kali Mantra to Destroy Enemy”, you will need to bow your head in front of the kali picture. The chants must be accurate because one small mistake can cause adverse effect as it many reverse the order of this mantra and you will be affected from it. So, it is advised to use this mantra under the supervision of some expert to avoid mistake.

When you are tired of trying and become hopeless with all the problems in your life caused by the enemies, then chanting this mantra will give you courage and will destroy your enemies by making them suffer to an extent from which they can never recover.

                     How to Destroy Enemy by Mantra

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