Enemy Destruction Mantra

Everybody in their span of life finds some people who wants to see their destruction and downfall. These are the Enemies of their life. You too might have met someone who doesn’t like to see you happy and always wants to harm you. He is the greatest Enemy who can harm you to any extent. You must be very careful with this enemy because they can even cast black magic spells on you and if they do so then you will be in grave danger as no cure is easily available for Black Magic. If they have harmed you a lot and you want to take Revenge on Your Enemy, then you must use the “Enemy Destruction Mantra”. It will make you so powerful that you can even Control Your Enemy’s mind sitting inside your house. There is no need of giving any physical efforts.

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Revenge must be taken

If your enemy has ruined your life and you are really urging to take Revenge from them then you will need to perform the ritual of “Enemy Destruction Mantra” on him. For this you will need to consult a Black Magic Specialist who can guide you the exact way of performing the ritual. They are the devotes who have performed Black Magic from ages and will help you out so that you don’t make any mistake and carry out the ritual exactly which can give you the desired result.

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Way to perform the mantra

To execute the ritual of “Enemy Destruction Mantra”, you will be needing some particular things. No matter where your enemy lives, as this mantra can even harm the person overseas. This Black Magic Mantra when performed remains a secret as no one will ever be able to trace why things are going wrong with your enemy. These Black Magic Mantra are carried out by the spiritual beings to whom you offer prayers to. They are so powerful that not a slight form of doubt can be found out from this mantra. These powers will control the minds of the people on whom the mantra is done.

When no other way is left out to keep yourself away from your enemy, then you can use the “Enemy Destruction Mantra” on him. For this you will need to follow some procedure. It is a 3 days procedure. You will first need to find an isolated place where no one can see you doing such things as these rituals are meant to be secret or else they won’t work out. Then at the time of 3.00 a.m. you will need to place 3 red candles in top of your enemy’s photo and lit them. Then put some red sindoor and black charcoal on the photo. Then slowly by taking the name of your enemy and chanting the “Enemy Destruction Mantra”, just place a knife and mark at the head in the photo. Repeat this for 9 times and for 3 days continuously.

You will see fast effects of this mantra on the person as he will act exactly as you want him to. This way you can take the Revenge From Your Enemy by just making them do what you want. This mantra can also be called as ‘vashikaran mantra’ as. It can attract the person on whom you apply this and you can make him a puppet.

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